full caravan service

a full caravan service is both the habitation service and a chassis service

we recommend you to do this every year, to optimise the running of your caravan and to ensure that everything is working correctly and safely

for motorhomes we advice a habitation service


gas check

habitation service

during this service everything inside the caravan or motorhome gets checked to make sure that it is running correctly and is safe to use. This includes:

  • Testing 12v electrical systems and appliances
  • Testing of the Gas system and all the appliances running on gas
  • Checking if there is no production of Carbon Monoxide
  • Testing of all Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Checking Fire Extinguisher
  • Checking Security of the Doors, Lockers and Hatches
  • Checking Window Seals and Ventilation points
  • Checking for Damp or Water ingress and signs of Delamintation

caravan chassis service

A caravan chassis service checks all the running parts of your caravan, these parts are the most important parts to travel safely

during this service we check the following:

  • brakes
  • jockey wheel
  • emergency brakeaway cable
  • road lights
  • coupling head and safety catch
  • corner steadies
  • tyres including the spare

Please note we cannot do this service for a motorhome, as these need to pass the ITV just as cars, and this needs to be done by a qualified auto mechanic